Devin Dyason MA

Bioenergy Healing ~ Kinesiology ~ Mindfulness


I have worked as a kinesiologist, bioenergy healer and mindfulness/meditation Guide for over 22 years.

I began my personal practice of mindfulness and meditation at a very early age of 8 and my healing practices at the age of 23. Treating people remotely all over the world, from London to Brazil, Egypt to Cape Town.

I have been blessed to witness wonderful results in clients' lives and wellbeing.


Three to four consecutive days of remote Bioenergy Healing, taking place at the same time each day. The duration of each session depends on what we're working on, and ranges from 15min-45mins

I combine techniques from the Domancic Method, Kinesiology and Tibetan Energy Healing.


Re-balancing the body and energetic system to restore equilibrium, harmony and peace.

Removing obstacles and blockages to achieving goals, be they emotional, spiritual or physical. Helping your reach your full potential, achieve wellbeing and harmony.

I combine techniques from Touch for Health, Psychobiokinetics, Nutritional Biokinetics and Quantum Health.


Testing for various allergies, intolerances and biochemical imbalances with potential corrections.


I mainly offer sessions via Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Meet

Although many practitioners using these modalities charge upward of £350,

I work on a donation basis, which averages between £40 to £350.

What you donate depends on what you can afford and what value you feel the treatments have given you. I do not exclude people because they cannot afford high prices.

This way you can work out what is sustainable for you to enable you to pay for future sessions, and other support such as homeopathic consultations from my partner, who I often work in conjunction with - see for more info.

Please email to discuss your requirements.


During my 20 years teaching mindfulness and meditation I developed this technique that everyone can quickly master to ultimately find calm, peace and joy.

During these turbulent times, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and many other emotions and personal realisations may arise, and using this simple technique, will help you to develop your awareness regarding your thoughts and emotions and will give you the control over these that you have been seeking.


I began my journey on the 'healers path', by studying for a Psychology degree in Cape Town. Feeling the limitations of this I moved into holistic health, studying;

  • Reiki (I found this to be a gentle introduction to energy healing, but not effective for serious issues beyond stress relief),

  • then Specialised Kinesiology, (Touch for Health synthesis)

  • Educational Kinesiology, (Brain Gym & Vision Circles)

  • Biokinetic Kinesiology, (Under the guidance of Greg and Toni Gralton, the Dean and author of Touch for Health at the time, I studied Psychobiokinetics, Nutritional Biokinetics and Structural Biokinetics)

  • Tibetan Healing,

  • The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing

  • Energy Mismatch with Jane Thurnell-Read

  • as well as Thai Foot Massage.

Having worked in top destination spas, where I have met a number of world-renowned therapists. This has allowed me to experience modalities that truly work, and helped me tailor my expertise.

After years of experience and being introduced to The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing, I can now in confidence, treat serious health issues knowing that a difference can be made.

I hold a BA Hons in Ethical Brand Leadership and an MA in Ethical Entrepreneurship

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